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10/02/2015 17:43
We found this very interesting video on exercises for your arches. Foot exercises can prevent diseases such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet, still most people neglect their feet in their exercise regimen. Keep healthy and enjoy the following video!
02/20/2015 10:49
Yoga slowly makes its way to the western world and more and more people start incorporating this ancient Indian practice in their everyday lives. But did you know that Yoga is not only a way to stay healthy and fit in your body and mind as a whole but that you can specifically treat body parts such...
09/27/2014 10:04
For thousands and thousands of years human beings have been walking barefooted. And while it has become quite unusual in western and especially colder countries, walking barefoot is still considered normal in a lot of poorer countries. While this might be because of wealth and not health reasons,...
09/16/2014 14:38
There is no denying that it's become increasingly more challenging to fly without bumping into issues using the airlines or the airport. Yet, in spite of all the annoyances which unfortunately come with flying, it's a must in our world. There are many items can make the flying trip a lot easier and...
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